6 quick hacks to help survive the christmas party season


Christmas party season is upon us! (I know is only November but you know how excited everyone gets!) It is a super fun and busy time of year with lots of festive celebrations and treats to indulge in. With that in mind, thought it might be helpful to share some of my top tips for staying on track and fitting the fun things into your routine. Hope it helps and happy celebrating!

1. Stay hydrated

Sounds simple but it is super easy to let the drink events, busy days and hectic work schedule get the better of you.  Staying hydrated makes a world of difference not only to how you feel and perform but how quickly you recover as well.  Check out my previous article on this point specifically.

2. Plan ahead where possible

If you know you have a big event coming up, plan ahead with your exercise schedule and calorie intake so you can get your workouts in and have ‘spare calories’ to use when needed.  If you can’t manage this, try and recover the next day by cutting calories.  An easy way to do this is by skipping breakfast or having a low calorie protein shake instead.  If you can’t though, don’t stress too much – just crack back on when you can.

 3. Get enough sleep

Again, simple but easy to let this slip and a lack of sleep can quickly add up if you don’t get your catch up time in.  This over time will lead to getting run down, skipping the gym and making bad food choices so beware!

4. Exercise in the mornings

For me, especially during the winter, if I don’t do this, the routine slips as last minute social or work events get scheduled in the evenings.   It is hard to get up when you are tired especially as it is so dark and cold but you will feel a million times better after smashing it first thing.  Take a read here at things I find help get up and go.  There are times though where you just need to listen to your body and get the extra sleep and that’s fine.  If this happens, try and grab a cheeky lunchtime session, even if its just 30 mins – that way, at least it is done.

5. Exercise portion control

Tracking calories and macros can be tough especially if you are out for dinner, at a party or work event.  As a general rule, make sure you get protein at every meal and eyeball your food or take an educated guess at you’re consuming.  The hand sized portion tracking from precision nutrition is a useful method (see below – 1 of each for women, 2 of each for men).  In regards to drinks, be aware of how much you are drinking and opt for a slightly less calorific version of the christmas classics if necessary i.e. spirits and diet mixers.

6.  Fill desk drawers with healthy snacks

This acts as a really good alternative to the mountains of festive office treats that no doubt will be on offer.  I opt for things like nuts, protein bars and flapjacks to keep me going and also the occasional diet coke.  That’s not to say of course you can’t enjoy the office snacks at all!

At the end of the day though, it’s christmas – enjoy it!

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