Could accountability be the missing part of the puzzle?


Do you feel like you eat healthily most of the time or are consistently hitting the gym but aren’t seeing the results you want?  Do you feel disheartened or cheated by the fact all the effort is going in but the output isn’t what you hoped for?  How about considering a fitness and nutrition coach rather than go it alone?  I used to find it strange that even personal trainers have their own personal trainers and nutrition coaches have their own nutrition coaches – why is this? One of the primary answers is –  Accountability – could this potentially be the missing ingredient to your dream outcome…

Why accountability matters?

Accountability does a huge number of things – we have coaches, mentors and targets and goals set upon us in so many other areas of our life – and guess what – it works.  Why treat fitness and nutrition any differently?

  • It encourages consistency

Unfortunately, results don’t always come easy.  As I have said a million times, there is no magic bullet here, no miracle cure or one size fits all solution.  To get results takes some hard work and dedication, like it does in any other walk of life.   You don’t get better at a hobby without practicing just like you don’t get a promotion at work without working for it.  You have to stick at it.

  • It motivates you

There will be hard times when things aren’t going your way or you temporarily aren’t seeing the results you had expected. Continuing on the same path seems like the hard option and we aren’t naturally programmed to take that route.  Being held accountable will help you manage through these times as you strive to meet targets and could be the push and motivation you need.

  • It keeps you focused

Naturally we have short attention spans and are impatient especially when the end goal seems so far away.  Being accountable often shifts focus from the long term end goal to shorter term, more tangible goalposts or milestones helping us stay focused on the present.

  • It encourages honesty

Whilst it pains to admit it, sometimes, it is easy to kid or convince ourselves of things we have or haven’t done.  This becomes even more apparent where the topics we are not being honest about are emotional ones.  Our relationships with food, exercise and appearance are hugely emotional and made more complex by the media and popular culture.  When you start to say things out loud, share them with someone else or writing things down, it encourages honesty and transparency not just with others but with yourself.

  • It educates

Being accountable for fitness and nutrition forces documentation.  Any solid plan needs documentation and tracking of actions in order to measure results, understand patterns and make informed decisions on how to move forwards.  Being held accountable will force this and help you realise these sooner meaning quicker and sustained results.

  • It makes it a priority

Moving from ‘going it alone’ to having a coach and being accountable can make fitness and nutrition a big priority in your life.  It is often something that falls by the wayside, a ‘nice to have’ if you like.  However, when it becomes a higher priority it can have such a halo effect on other areas of your life – not just health but mindset, output in work, managing stress, relationships and so many others.  Having to check in weekly with photos, weigh ins, measurements etc. all of a sudden means it is real.  Also, you’re not longer only giving excuses to yourself on why something is not being done, you’ve got to justify this to someone else which makes it more likely that you’ll stick to your plan.

  • It helps you reach your potential

Progress is an incredible thing. Without being accountable for actions and aiming for stretching goals and targets, you will never realise your progress and push / encourage yourself to push to you max.

  • It reaffirms your actions

In an industry with so many mixed messages and so much conflicting advice on how to ‘drop fat fat’, ‘get ripped’, or ‘bulk up like a bro’ – it is easy to question what you are doing and jump ship in search of another solution when things get tough (normally after 2 weeks of still not seeing abs!).  You need experienced back up to fight through this temptation and someone to reassure you of why you are doing what you are doing and that the results WILL come.

But what type of accountability works best?

Ok so we have established that accountability can hugely help when it comes to health & fitness, but it can come in a lot of different forms. Which is the best route to take to get results?

  • To an extent it depends on you

We are all different – all coming from a different starting point and all with different ideas of success and things we see as challenges along the way.  Our lifestyles, hobbies, likes and dislikes all vary and therefore I don’t believe there is a one size fits all solution.  Some might see weight loss as a sign of success, others will reference how fit and strong they feel and others a general sense of wellbeing.  Some may respond well to daily check ups, aggressive motivation and harsh criticism where as others a more ‘softly softly’ encouragement and educational approach.

  • One that takes a holistic view

Fitness and nutrition are intrinsically linked and to succeed, often, one can not exist without the other.  Getting a personal trainer at the gym who doesn’t educate or make you accountable for your nutrition is unlikely to yield the results you want.  Likewise, a nutrition coach who neglects and doesn’t track fitness will not be able to shape and sculpt your body to your desired outcome.

I therefore strongly believe the type of accountability required varies hugely.  Seeking out a coach that takes this into account can be hugely important.

So how about it?  Feel like this could be the part of the puzzle that is missing and potentially holding you back?  Check out what’s on offer with my programs – 100% tailored to you, your goals and lifestyle with accountability that suits you.

All views are my own.