Eligibility criteria


Before you complete the enquiry form, please take a look at the below eligibility criteria.  This is as much for you as it is for me to ensure we both get the most out of working together and we are the right fit.

I only work with a set number of clients at any one time to ensure I can be as supportive as possible and therefore only work with clients who have a genuine desire to change and improve.

  1. You are fit and well to train

  2. You are willing to be honest and open

    Both upfront and throughout the process.  I can only help and support if I know the full picture.  Life happens, we smash it sometimes and we mess up sometimes and that’s fine, but sharing it means we can move forwards in the best way possible.  Hiding the truth will ultimately stop us from achieving the results you’re after.

  3. You are looking for a sustainable lifestyle versus a short term fix

    I am not here to sell a ‘6 week bikini body’ or ‘get ripped in 30 days’ fad diet.  I am not interested in unsustainable systems that will lead you to falling off the bandwagon and arriving back at square one.  If that is what you are after, you should look elsewhere.  This is about building a plan bespoke to you that is sustainable.  Forming healthy habits and building health and fitness into your lifestyle for the long term.

  4. You are willing to track your calorie and macro intake

    Nutrition is key to changing your body composition.  Whether on a fat loss or muscle gain plan – nutrition, calories and macros are so important.  Research shows fat loss is 80% about nutrition and 20% exercise.  For muscle gain, obviously exercise is more important but if your nutrition isn’t on point, it won’t work.  We will help build this into an everyday habit but calories are fundamental to you making a breakthrough.

  5. You are dedicated to the cause

    Whilst it is going to totally fit around your lifestyle, you will have to dedicate time to forming some new healthy habits  – eating well and tracking and also doing the best you can at completing the fitness sessions.  All time sensitive goals will be set based on you doing this.  Plus, I want you to succeed as much as you want to.

photo credit: istock/Halfpoint