Lean Lifestyle Project


In my mission to cut through all the contradictory nonsense in the fitness industry and give busy people the education and tools they need to build healthy habits and smash their health and fitness goals, I have created the lean lifestyle project – a DIY solution for those searching for a break through and are motivated to get results.  This programme will provide structure to your nutrition and workouts to help hit your fat loss goal.  A great, cost efficient way to get results.

What is it?

  • 16 week fat loss programme
  • Covering nutrition for your body type / weight and training
  • Good for those with a short term goal or needing a kick start to a longer term one


Just some of the results

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The Lean Lifestyle Project is delivered as a 90 page e-book download and includes chapters on:

  • Mindset 
  • Nutrition basics – including Nutrition 101, calorie and macro charts, example shopping list
  • Tracking calories & macros
  • Nutrition management techniques
  • Nutrition tips – including tips on hunger, calorie savers, cravings, trigger foods and protein supplements
  • Personal training and workouts – including weight based resistance training, HIIT and cardio (based on 4-5 sessions per week)
  • Social guides – including work and social events, eating out, food on the go, takeaways, the airport and travel, drinks and alcohol
  • Tracking progress

£99 – GET NOW

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ section.  If you can’t find your answer or just want to chat a bit more about whether it will work for you, no probs, just drop me a note