Hi, I’m Andrew…

and I help busy professionals navigate hectic lifestyles and get into amazing shape with zero food restrictions.  I live the same hectic city lifestyle as you, working for a global business in London.  I am also a qualified trainer and nutrition coach.  I am here to show you that you absolutely can have a successful career, amazing social life, spend time with your family and stay in incredible shape all year round.  I understand the everyday pressures and the strain you’re under.  Let me take you on a journey to smashing life everyday.

 Where it all began

I’ve become too accustomed to speaking to friends and colleagues who are absolutely BEWILDERED by what it takes to make a breakthrough in their health and fitness.  They are so confused about all the contradictory advice they’ve heard and are FRUSTRATED that they’re not longer in shape they can be proud of.  Its gotten to the point where

  • They’re dreading the next holiday where they have to be in a swimsuit
  • They avoid situations where they want to take off their top
  • They’re noticing clothes no longer fit
  • They’re ashamed to share their latest measurements / weight
  • No matter what diet or workout they try they’re getting no results

It’s easy to see how people get so confused and downbeat about health and fitness.  Are we allowed to eat carbs or are they bad? Maybe we can just give them up after 6pm? I’ve recently heard eating fat is good for you and the keto diet is the way forward.   Atkins says just 500 calories a day.  People often try these fad diets and quickly give them back up because they’re unsustainable.  And every time  that someone fails in their mission to lose weight they get that little bit more despondent and accepting that this maybe their reality.

Years of experience have demonstrated to me what is really important in making a sustainable change to your  health and fitness and what is short term marketing nonsense.  Working in a corporate environment and seeing so many peope actively trying to make a breakthrough in their own personal health and fitness journey but being absolutely confused with the training and nutrition aspects has inspired me to HELP to show others how they can be career driven, successful, eat the foods they love and still be in incredible shape.

I certainly know that prioritising health and fitness throughout my career has lead to me:

  • Feeling strong and fit in everyday scenarios
  • Feeling more productive throughout the day
  • Having increased energy levels
  • Being able to concentrate for longer and make decisions quicker
  • Feeling more motivated and confident
  • Being more creative and thinking outside the box

The Harvard Business Review looks at several studies which reiterate all of the above and even goes as far as saying that physical exercise is a part of people’s jobs as it enables them to optimise performance in the workplace.  More and more companies are starting to invest behind the right health and wellness policies to help enable their employees to be in the best possible physical shape and mindset to perform.  My goal is to help individuals to execute these plans so that they can feel & look in the best shape of their life whilst becoming more productive and realising the benefits in their everyday life.

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