I have no interest in short term fixes or ‘magic products’.  The health and fitness industry is littered with people trying to get rich quickly by playing on individuals instincts for quick fix solutions that ultimately do not work.  Working in a corporate environment leads to me understanding what busy people can and cannot do.  For example,  busy people with careers and a social life can’t follow recipe guides to the letter of the law and can’t execute something so unsustainable that it feels like you’re torturing yourself after 3 days.  The health & fitness industry thrives on fad diets, miracle teas, the latest lifestyle food cults and supersize me supplements, because, you can package them up and sell them in their millions.

It doesn’t however, give long term results and real change.  The real key to success (and it isn’t particularly ground breaking or easy to package up and make money out of), whether losing body fat or building lean muscle is simple:

  • Consistency and adherence
  • Calories in versus calories out

The hundreds of different ‘diets’ out there i.e. atkins, slimming world, low carb / paleo (cutting or even removing carbs from the diet), 5:2 (eating what you want 5 days a week and for 2 days eating 500kcal), intermittent fasting and ketogenic (up to 70% of the diet being made up of fat) all have a common theme – they restrict calories.


are they all sustainable?  For a very small percentage of people yes, but for the majority and certainly those who want to continue doing what they love – no.

How my approach differs

1) A lifestyle not a diet…

Research shows that only 5% of crash dieters keep off the weight and nearly 65% will regain it and more within 3 years.  Weight is commonly lost through ‘diets’ – restrictive programs that stop you eating the food you enjoy and that have a start and a finish before you continue on with normal life.  My approach is about educating you to build fitness & nutrition into your life in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

It is about helping you form habits and educating you to make informed decisions which will carry on for years to come.

I don’t believe in ‘banned’ foods or the need for ‘cheat days’.  I believe that any plan which leads to demonising foods can negatively affect our emotional relationship with nutrition in the long run, this isn’t sustainable and isn’t ‘healthy’.   We want to create ‘habits’ so that after a ‘bad’ day you can get back on the wagon the next day rather than the next month!

Life is for living so let’s not cut out the stuff we love and what makes us happy.

2) A realistic view…

I know first hand how hard it can be to juggle everything – work, family, friends, social life, travel, health & fitness.

Adherence is key to making change but we are all busy people and life doesn’t always run as planned.

A last minute work event, client lunch or spontaneous social event will crop up, you will end up grabbing food on the go and after the one drink at your friends party, you decide you are having a really good time and want a few more!  Meal by meal plans or even a long list of cook from scratch recipes alongside a day by day fitness regime just don’t work for everyone – how realistic is it to stick to that and still lead a normal life?  Chances are, because of the way we function, you would deviate from the plan and go into ‘f*#k it’ mode, eat and drink everything and undo all the hard work you have done to date.  I believe in setting out the basics and then it’s for you to tailor it around your lifestyle.  If you don’t like eating chicken & quinoa for lunch at 12, doing burpees first thing in the morning, cooking every single meal from scratch and having to have wash it all down with a protein shake – you really don’t have to!

3) There isn’t one plan that fits all…

We are all different – we all enjoy different things, have different habits and get up for different reasons in the morning.  Whilst our bodies all biologically work in the same way, we are all in different places with different goals, challenges and ideas of success.   It therefore seems there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ nutrition and fitness approach out there that will work for everyone.

It’s all about balance and sustainability – finding a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Now, this isn’t to say that we don’t require habit, behaviour changes and hard work along the way.  But what we are saying is when you build it into your life routine you’ll actually be ‘motivated’ to carry on progressing and living a life feeling more productive.

Online Coaching

I specialise in online coaching.  This means, whichever product you choose, everything is delivered online.  This not only hugely reduces the cost for you but leaves you to crack on with your own time and schedule.  This way you can be flexible when needed, fit exercise sessions in when it works for you and ultimately form habits that compliment your lifestyle.  

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