QUICK & EASY RECIPE – High protein tom yum soup


Absolutely obsessed with tom yum soup at the moment. Decided to create my own but subbed out any complicated ingredients for some easy to acquire ones instead. So here is my take on it…great for a cold day or as a cure to ‘over socialising’! One for the weekend?


4 servings
4 chicken breast
400g prawns
200g flat rice noodles
Pack of cherry tomatoes
3 Kallo chicken stock cubes
2 red chillies chopped
75g fresh ginger sliced
2 limes (juice only)
3tbsp fish sauce
3tbsp brown sugar

From the herbs and spices aisle:
6 Lemongrass sticks (dried is fine)
2tbsp dried coriander leaf
5g Kaffir lime leaves


Dissolve the stock cubes in 2litres of boiling water in a pan. Add in everything except the chicken, prawns, noodles. Simmer for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile cook the chicken and prawns and shred the chicken. Put the noodles in boiling water until softened. Split into portions.

Remove the lemongrass sticks, kaffir lime leaves and ginger slices, split up and serve.