QUICK & EASY RECIPES – Pork Chilli Mince


This pork chilli mince makes a nice change from standard chilli and works really well in a burrito (literally one of my favourite hangover cures in the world). It is also full of lean protein so great for whether you are looking to lose fat or build muscle. Extras are optional and can be mixed up depending on your goals.


4 servings

800g lean pork mince

400g brown rice

2 spring onions

2 avos

3 limes

4 tomatoes

2 peppers

2 handfuls spinach

fresh coriander, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, 1/2 stock cube w/100ml water, tbsp honey



Put the pork, spring onion, stock, chilli, salt and pepper into a pan until the stock boils off.   Meanwhile, make the guacamole with the avos, juice of 1/2 lime and salt and chilli to taste. Cook the rice and slice the tomatoes, peppers and remaining limes into wedges. Once the stock has boiled off, add the honey – this will make it start go golden – this is good!  Put everything together and serve with some yoghurt.  Roll all together in a tortilla wrap / pitta if you are feeling those vibes. Easy!

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