Results and Testimonials


Jonny, 32

A hectic job entertaining clients several days a week and a busy social life meant that Jonny found himself the heaviest he had ever been.  He wanted to shed some weight but do it in a way which fitted his lifestyle.  We used several nutrition techniques to ensure he was hitting targets despite eating out and drinking and a training plan than consisted of short gym sessions which could be done pre work.  Over 12 weeks, Jonny lost an incredible 10kgs and 8cm off his waist!  After that, we put Jonny on a 12 week muscle build plan (see results right) – we are now in the process of stripping off the excess fat he gained in this process to reveal his new, more muscular physique.  This guy is seriously dedicated and I am sure the results will be amazing.

After going to the gym 4 times a week but seeing no results with weight loss or muscle gain, Andrew was able to show me the importance of food intake, targeted workouts and consistency.  The 1-2-1 online coaching is something I would definitely recommend. Having help and responses from Andrew 24/7 means any questions are answered quickly and I don’t get hung up about anything for too long.  Having him review my form and technique via videos is also really helpful.  Even when I slip up or have something crop up in life doesn’t mean I’m back to square one, Andrew makes sure I stay on track and gives me the boosts I need to carry on going.

Ollie, 29

Ollie had been a keen gym goer for a number years but had grown frustrated with a lack of results and a busy work / lifestyle which lead to him gaining more weight than he felt comfortable with.  By giving Ollie a clear 12 week plan and structure that worked specifically for him and his body type he began to see results after 3 weeks.  This gave him the motivation to commit properly to the plan and see great results that have changed his mindset and physique for the long term.

Working with Andrew has given me new insight & knowledge on how I can balance out my lifestyle to stay fit whilst not restricting the things that I really love to do.  Getting into the best shape of my life has helped build my confidence & given me a new lease of life at work.

Me post op, 32

I had the unfortunate issue of a liberal tear of my right shoulder.  The picture on the left is post surgery and 4 months of not training at all.  The picture on the right is 12 weeks later after following a muscle build protocol to gain tissue and muscle size.  The far right is post a 12 week fat loss plan. Working out to lose fat or gain muscle are two completely different things and having the right plan is fundamental to achieving either. 

Virgil, 43

Virgil came to me struggling to get to a shape he was happy with due to a hectic travel schedule.  Whilst he wanted to lose fat he also wanted to build strength, upper body and maintain muscle mass.  We used a high protein nutrition plan and mixture of weight and cardio workouts to get the above results over 12 weeks.  Overall he lost 5kgs and 4cm off his hips but still maintained an athletic shape.

The world of fitness and nutrition is impossible to navigate at the best of times. I spend a lot of time travelling and on the road and noticed that no amount of gym time was saving me from dad-bod. Working closely with Andrew with a realistic plan allowed me to hit my goals whilst being able to live the fast paced life I’ve always lived. No crazy diet, no crazy work out. Just a measured incremental supported plan that enabled me to hit my goals.

Charlotte, 30

Charlotte needed help managing nutrition and a training planning that would guarantee weight loss results and a confidence boost.  Using a flexible nutrition and training plan that still allowed for social events, holidays and work travel she saw the following results losing 4.5kg and 6cm off her hips.

I got in touch with Andrew as I was feeling frustrated by lack of results.  I needed something that would fit my busy lifestyle, but more importantly something that actually worked!  I particularly benefitted from the accountability that came with the weekly check-ins and advice.  It kept me motivated  and focussed throughout the programme.  I now feel better equipped with the tools and knowledge that Andrew shared.

Alex, 26

Alex had worked with weight training and different diets for a number of years but never quite figured how to drop the body fat he really wanted to lose.  After using my 16 week DIY programme that switched up his training style to work for someone specifically of his build and stature Alex generated the results above.  Alex now has a different philosophy towards fitness and nutrition and is keeping a great physique year round.

Dan, 33

Dan came to me frustrated with the effect a hectic job and his diet were having on his appearance and health.  His goal was to lose weight steadily and feel more energised and focused.  After 16 weeks using my DIY programme and educating himself on nutrition, calorie waving and flexible dieting and adopting the new workout regime, Dan lost an amazing 5kgs whilst still enjoying the foods he loves, eating out and drinking.

Anthony, 33

I started working with Anthony in June last year.  Having lost weight for his wedding in 2016 he had rebounded to the point where he wanted to make a change.  The results below achieved over 6 months are both stunning and inspiring.  They are also based off simple principles – adherence, consistency and dedication.  We prioritised movement, resistance training and short sharp sessions (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week) and the below was the outcome.

After feeling I’ve yoyo dieted for years & years, I finally feel that I am in control of my weight.  I now have knowledge to make informed decisions & no longer feel guilty for eating certain foods or missing a gym session as I manage around it.  Dropping so much weight has been a huge stress reliever & I now feel in the best shape of my life at 33!

Mark, 33

Mark had got to the point where he was frustrated that his hard work in the gym was yielding no results and that his weight was actually going up.  This pic is after only 4 weeks having dropped 1 stone!  He is continuing with the 16 week DIY programme and I am excited to see the end results.